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Rambler - Rambler Cross Country Pininfarina
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Rambler Cross Country Pininfarina - Unique Originality and Charm

Discover the unique charm and originality of this Rambler Cross Country Pininfarina, a special car perfect for enthusiasts of classic and distinctive vehicles. Imported from California (USA), this beautiful vehicle is a remarkable addition to any oldtimer collection.

Authenticity and exceptional background

As a rare and authentic piece of automotive history, this Rambler Cross Country Pininfarina has a unique and fascinating background. This vehicle is not only a rare sight on the road but also represents a collaboration between the Rambler manufacturer and the Italian design house Pininfarina. The result is a striking and original design that exudes both elegance and style.

Original condition and California import

In its original condition, this Rambler Cross Country Pininfarina provides a solid foundation for any restoration work. The import from California ensures that the car has enjoyed a favorable climate throughout its life.

Spare parts included

The Rambler Cross Country Pininfarina comes with spare parts, offering a practical aspect to its ownership for any future repairs and maintenance needs.

Make a statement with this beautiful and rare Rambler Cross Country Pininfarina and add a unique collectible to your collection of classic cars. Contact us today for more information on this special car and experience the charm and elegance of this fascinating vehicle for yourself.

€ 8950