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Ford Edsel - '58 Edsel Citation Cabriolet
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Ford Edsel - 1958 Edsel Citation Convertible - Most Criticized Car of its Time, Now a Rare Classic

Discover this rare 1958 Ford Edsel Citation Convertible, originating from a private collection and equipped with a powerful 475 engine and the innovative Teletouch system. This unique piece of American automotive history is now a sought-after classic for collectors and enthusiasts.

This Edsel Citation Convertible comes with almost every conceivable accessory, except for the electric trunk opener. Originally in the color Goldmett, the car was repainted to red in the 1970s.

Between 1958 and 1960, the Ford Edsel was often criticized for its design and technical issues, making it the most disparaged car of that period. Ironically, this has contributed to the exclusivity and unique appeal of the car, making it highly desirable among collectors today. Only 110 known examples exist worldwide, with an original production run of just 930 units.

Some highlights of this Edsel Citation Convertible:

- Powerful 475 engine for an impressive driving experience
- Innovative Teletouch system: push-button shifting on the steering wheel
- Part of a private collection, indicating careful handling over the years
- Most criticized car of its time, now a rare and sought-after collectible

While this Edsel Citation Convertible is not intended for bargain hunters, it is a fantastic opportunity for enthusiasts and collectors of exceptional American cars.

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