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Edsel Collection - 1958 Citation Convertible, 1960 Ranger Convertible, 1960 Hardtop Coupe, 1960 Villager 6-passenger, and 1960 4-door Parts Car

At Continental Cars, we are proud to present an exceptional collection of Edsel vehicles, featuring a variety of models from the iconic American automaker. This collection includes a 1958 Citation Convertible, a 1960 Ranger Convertible, a 1960 Hardtop Coupe, a 1960 Villager 6-passenger, and a 1960 4-door Parts Car. It's a rare opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire multiple classic Edsels, each with a unique character and history.

The Edsel collection includes:

- 1958 Edsel Citation Convertible: A stunning convertible model that showcases the classic Edsel design elements from the late 1950s. Equipped with the powerful 410 ci V8 engine and the exclusive Teletouch automatic transmission, this vehicle offers an unparalleled driving experience.

- 1960 Edsel Ranger Convertible: A highly sought-after model from Edsel's final production year, featuring an attractive open-top driving experience. This Ranger Convertible is powered by a 292 ci V8 engine and a smooth automatic transmission.

- 1960 Edsel Hardtop Coupe: A stylish coupe with a sleek, hardtop roofline that enhances the overall appeal and character. Powered by a 292 ci V8 engine and coupled with an automatic transmission, this model provides a classic driving experience with a sporty flair.

- 1960 Edsel Villager 6-passenger: A spacious and functional 6-passenger vehicle, ideal for family outings or road trips. Driven by a 292 ci V8 engine and equipped with an automatic transmission, the Villager delivers a comfortable and reliable driving experience for the entire family.

- 1960 Edsel 4-door Parts Car: A valuable resource for spare parts and components to assist in the restoration of the other Edsel vehicles in the collection.

Each of these classic Edsels offers a unique and exciting opportunity for restoration or preservation. Bring home a piece of American automotive history with this impressive collection.

If you are interested in this remarkable Edsel collection, please contact us for more information and photos. Call us at +31 6 54332525 or send an email to We are more than happy to assist you in exploring these fascinating classic vehicles and their potential.

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