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Nash Rambler - Nash Convertible 1950
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Nash Rambler 1950 Barn Find

At Continental Cars, we introduce a rare find: a 1950 Nash Rambler, a true "barn find" that has been sitting idle since 1984. This unique classic offers a special opportunity for enthusiasts to bring a piece of American automotive history back to life.

What makes this 1950 Nash Rambler interesting and unique:

- Genuine barn find: This car is an authentic discovery, untouched and sitting idle since 1984, making it an ideal starting point for a restoration project.

- Nash Rambler heritage: Nash is an iconic American car brand that later merged with the well-known AMC brand. This Rambler represents the early years of this legendary brand and the rich history of the American automotive industry.

- Restoration opportunities: With its solid foundation and original parts, this Nash Rambler provides an excellent opportunity to restore a classic and incorporate your own style and passion into the project.

- Unique history: The fact that this car has remained untouched since 1984 makes it a fascinating piece of history waiting to be discovered by the right enthusiast.

Seize the opportunity to restore and bring to life a genuine piece of American automotive history with this unique 1950 Nash Rambler.

Are you interested in this extraordinary 1950 Nash Rambler? Contact us for more information and photos. Call us at +31 6 54332525 or send an email to We are more than happy to help you discover this fascinating classic and its story.

€ 12500