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Rambler - Rambler American Wagon 1959
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Rambler American Wagon 1959 - Unique and Compact Restoration Project

Dare to be different with this 1959 Rambler American Wagon! This compact 2-door station wagon, featuring a 6-cylinder flathead engine, is a unique vehicle and a wonderful foundation for a restoration project.

The 1959 Rambler American Wagon was an expansion of the Rambler American series. With the larger Rambler Six wagons only offered as 4-door models, AMC management anticipated little sales cannibalization from the American. The Deluxe Wagon was priced at $2,060, while the $2,145 Super variant came standard with a cargo-area mat and roof rack. A Deliveryman commercial wagon, without a rear seat and with an extended cargo floor, was also available but found few takers. Self-adjusting brakes were added in 1959. Rambler sales increased in 1959, and AMC struggled to keep up with demand as production tripled to 91,491 Americans, with 32,639 (almost 36 percent) consisting of the new wagons. The two-door sedans also sold well, with 29,954 lower-priced Deluxe and 28,449 top-line Super units sold.

This 1959 Rambler American Wagon offers a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to tackle a challenging and one-of-a-kind restoration project. The vehicle is complete and waiting for someone to restore it to its full glory.

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€ 8950