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Cadillac - Classic 1941 SNS hearse/ambulance
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Vintage car enthusiasts and collectors will truly appreciate this classic 1941 Cadillac SNS hearse/ambulance.

Imported from California, this beautiful vehicle features a solid body with complete trim. Although the engine is missing, the automatic transmission is intact, making it a perfect restoration project. Priced at €10,000, it’s an excellent investment.

History and Features

The 1941 Cadillac SNS hearse/ambulance is a unique and rare find. Cadillac, known for its luxury and quality, produced these models for use as both hearses and ambulances, highlighting their versatility and reliability. This particular example, with its impressive and stately appearance, represents an important piece of history in the realm of specialized vehicles.

Restoration Potential

This vehicle offers an excellent foundation for a restoration project. The solid body and complete trim make it a valuable project for any classic car enthusiast. Despite the missing engine, the intact automatic transmission provides a good starting point for the technical aspect of the restoration. This project gives restorers the chance to bring a rare and impressive vehicle back to its former glory, offering both a unique challenge and great satisfaction.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in a classic 1941 Cadillac SNS hearse/ambulance and restore this magnificent vehicle to its former glory.
€ 10 000